Elsa Emilie Le Torrivellec

Intuitive Energy Healer

She is an intuitive energy healer embodied in a french woman. She moved to Mexico a decade ago and that’s when this magic land awaken her own power. She followed the Red Path from North American Traditions as a moon dancer and vision seeker. The Moon Dance teachings unleashed her joy for singing. Now singing and drumming is her medecine, her pray and one of her favorite thing to do. She trusts the power of the circle, and the importance of using our voice consciously to walk in beauty.
She usually works with the elements and Mayan Toltec traditions, leading women circles and different kinds of workshops.
On the other hand, through her Reiki practice, she developped the gift of channeling and receiving messages enabling her to open healing fields, and work on every aspect of the life, with a special taste for Ancestors and Past Lives, based on Family Constellations techniques.
Studying Astrology brought her a deeper understanding of the physical Universe and how magical it is to connect to and use the energy of the planets to move forward in life.
As a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, her soul resonates with helping people getting Heart Wall free by releasing all the trapped emotions, and living their best life with their heart as a solid rudder.
Her mission is to help reaching the critical mass of Heart Wall free and food free people. As being an extension of Mother Earth, if we want a better world, the work starts from inside, with the way we feed ourselves and our daily self love practice.
To help bringing peace and inclusion on Earth, her next wish is to do group healing sessions in jails, hospitals and schools for neuroatypical and children with special needs. If you are this person or you know someone who knows someone who can help manifest this, please get in touch with her. Thank you! Blessings!